Business oriented approach, designed for seamless integration with your vision.

High-end cybersecurity expertise in multiple domains.

Forward-thinking mindset. Security is a marathon, not a sprint. We are here to run with you.

Core Offering
The more you have to lose from a cyber-attack – the more skilled your threat actor will be. To test your resilience against them, you must know how to hack like them. The problem? Traditional cybersecurity vendors are not equipped to simulate the tactics of a well-organized or nation-state sponsored crime group.
This is where Cyberillium comes in.


The Secure-by-Design Approach
Fulfilling Your Vision

Who We Are

Cyberillium was founded by an elite Israeli group of cyber security researchers, with real experience from nation-state level operations. Based in Tel Aviv and housing top notch security researchers, we serve clients across the globe, from large SaaS vendors to financial institutions.

Our team contributed to security programs of giants like Microsoft, bolstered resilience for national defense efforts, and created unique knowledge and award-winning research that can be seen in leading institutes and communities, from SANS to DEF CON.

Our Solution

Cyberillium has developed a unique methodology which eliminates the hidden cost of cybersecurity.

Our unique approach places strong emphasis on cooperation and growth. In Cyberillium, we believe in long-term solutions over short-term relief. We strongly promote cultivating cybersecurity culture through persistent engagement and transformation, as the only efficient solution to the cyber challenge.

You need more than just a technical team to poke holes in your networks or products. Through persistent engagement and a powerful research mentality, we provide invaluable insights and intelligence that can help you significantly reduce your cyber risk levels and fulfill security by design.

Discover how our unique approach can help your business

Our Expertise

Vulnerability Research

We discover vulnerabilities in proprietary systems, from web platforms to embedded devices and custom operating systems. We specialize in researching critical systems with a high-risk threat profile, such as trading platforms, vehicle systems, major SaaS platforms. Our projects go deep, and are designed to help you build the most resilient product possible.

Adversarial Simulation

Can you withstand a real targeted operation, tailored to your organization? Uncover weaknesses in your security posture by identifying attack paths into your crown jewel assets, all the way from the public internet without any prior knowledge.

Specialized Technology Research

We perform ad-hoc R&D for highly specialized topics, such as tailored cryptographic systems or custom hardware/firmware protection mechanisms designed to protect your sensitive IP.


Cyberillium was founded with one purpose in mind: helping leading organizations achieve an incredible level of security, providing nothing less than the best of the best, for the best of the best. We have seen too many times first-hand how traditional security services completely fail to identify security gaps that would be trivially exploited by a highly skilled actor – and felt that we can do it differently. For that purpose, we have assembled a unique team with deep expertise in enterprise technology and have since then been servicing some of the largest companies in the world as a word-of-mouth vendor reserved for those that need something more than a commodity security service.